Kamasan Products have a one year warrantee for the faults that are caused by production. Please contact sales department for detailed information.

Kamasan reserves the right of changing the weight and design of the products. Dimensions are given as "width*length*height" in millimeters. Dimension tolerances may differ between ± 2-7 mm according to their sizes and designs. Weight tolerance in our products is ± 2%. The accessories that might appear on the images are sold separately. Real colors of the products may differ from the ones on the images. Please refer to the sales office about the stock and color availabilty of the products.

Dynamic capacity represents a single pallet's capacity on move. Stacking capacity represents the bottom pallet's capacity when they are stacked on top of one another.

Recently, we have been notified that there are some individuals trying trade over KAMASAN's name and URL. Please make sure that you have contacted KAMASAN using the numbers on our web site. KAMASAN does not use e-mail addresses such as Hotmail or Yahoo. KAMASAN does never request any bank transfers to employees accounts but only company bank accounts.

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